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surfing with helen bates - usa, northwest - october 31st., 2003

updated sat 1 nov 03


Helen Bates on fri 31 oct 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - USA, Northwest - October 31st., 2003

-- Victoria (Vicky )Hansen (Southern Colorado U., Pueblo, CO, USA)

(Woodfired Pots - I particularly like her Canyon Series of bowl forms.)

-- Reid Ozaki (Ceramics Faculty, Tacoma Community College) (Takoma, WA, USA)

(The Seattle Times Visual Arts section.)
(Click the small image to see a larger view of these two lovely
unembellished forms.)

-- Gayla Lemke (Pine, CO, USA)

(Clay sculptures inspired by primitive/tribal art and the myth and history
that influenced that imagery, particularly work from the South Pacific)

-- Katya Apekina (born in Moscow, Russia, USSR)

(Delightful Judaica shown at The Fine Art Vision Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA)

-- Hiroshi Ogawa (Elkton, OR, USA)

(Three pots at the Kobo web site, Seattle, WA, USA)

("Anagama Mama" Bonita Cohn's kiln page, with pictures of Hikarigama,
Hiroshi Ogawa's "Enlightened Kiln")

-- Jen Thario (Artchicken) (Denver, CO, USA)

(Thario has some tile installations in dramatic patterns, seen in the
Ceramics, Custom Tile Mosaics section. Especially interesting is the
guerilla art of raw clay female bodies wearing away between the ties on
the railroad bridge, in the Fine Art, Installations, section.)


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