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surfing with helen bates - usa midwest (north) - october 30th., 2003

updated sat 1 nov 03


Helen Bates on thu 30 oct 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - USA Midwest (north) - October 30th., 2003

-- Willis "Bing" Davis (Dayton, OH, USA)

(A Ceramics Monthly feature on Davis, retired chair of the art=20
department at Ohio's Central State University, and a 1959 graduate of=20
DePauw University, during the tenure of the late Professor Richard Peeler=

(A news release of his appointment in the year 2000 to Wright State=20
University (Dayton, OH, USA) as its first visiting scholar in African=20
and African American Studies.)

(A News Release on the Bing Davis Studio,Dayton, OH, USA)

(Here are several photos of Davis, who was Chairman, National 42nd=20
Annual Conference (2003) of The National Conference of Artists, an=20
organization whose mission is to "preserve, promote and develop African=20
American Culture and the creative Forces of the artists that emanate=20
from the African American and African World Experience.")

(An announcement of the exhibition: "Pass It On" to be held at the=20
Dayton Visual Arts CenterFebruary 23-March 19, 2004.) (Work by former=20
students of Willis =93Bing=94 Davis)

(Davis was inspired by the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar, who was a=20
highschool classmate of the Wright Brothers)

("Clay" poem: "We Wear the Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar)

(There's seemingly little available of Bing's work on the 'net. This=20
site, belonging to The Nicholson Performing Arts Academy, Indianapolis,=20
IN, USA, has a non-clay work by Davis)

(The Nicholson Performing Arts Academy home page)

-- Paul & Denise Morris; Phil Echert (Rock Hard Stoneware)
(Champlin, MN, USA)

Decorated salt glazed pottery. The site has Flash and HTML sections.
The HTML section has a brief Quicktime movie of a revolving large and
well-decorated vase with a woodland scene and several deer. I haven't
checked the flash section so far, but the rest of the pieces I looked at
on the HTML site were quite impressive both as to size and as to form
and decoration. They are also well-made and well-finished. A line of=20
wheel thrown smaller pieces are designed to be commercially viable, and=20
have colored slip decoration, in motifs consisting of mostly animals,=20
fish and floral designs.

-- Mark Chatterley (Williamston MI, USA)
Primitive figurative sculptor, working with over lifesize figures. He=20
was recently the subject of a PBS special. He has placed 6 half minute=20
to almost two minute PBS video clips online. They take even a broadband=20
connection up to a minute to download. Not very large in format, they=20
give more tantalizing glimpses of his work than a useful view. Somewhat=20
better are the still images in the "Online Gallery", but they still=20
tantalize. There are also three rotatable images in the "Virtual=20
Gallery", but again, the images are small. (Note that all animations=20
and videos require QuickTime.)

-- GoAntiques (Columbus, OH, USA and Harrogate, N Yorkshire, England, UK=

Antiques, Art, and Collectibles (Quality varies from excellent to the
mundane) There's quite a good search engine; while I was looking one=20
day, I found a dozen pieces by Charles Counts from his Rising Fawn=20
Pottery, and there was one Lucy Rie piece. Today there are some Cabat=20
"Feelies" and a lovely hand thrown stylized cat planter:
as well as this tall 1970's decanter bottle had a stopper thrown with a=20
flat base, to which a cork was then glued:
(The links will only work until the pieces are sold.)

-- Steve and Becky Lloyd (Edwardsvilllle, IL, USA)

Wood Fired Stoneware and Porcelain Pottery. This is another site with a=20
QuickTime slide show, and requires an additional "special effects"=20
download (fairly quick and painless) to view the slides. It's a nice,=20
and rather leisurely show, and the Lloyds make fine pots. Becky's are=20
thrown, coated in black terra sigillata, sgraffito carved, and salt=20
fired. Steve throws very loosely, and very competently. The Lloyds use=20
scrap edgings from fast growing species of wood from a local sawmill.=20
These waste scraps contain a large amount of bark, which also=20
contributes color to the pots.

-- Curtis Benzle (Columbus, OH, USA)

This new web site for Curtis Benzle remains not quite complete. What=20
ther is, though, is worth the visit. Photos of his pieces are arranged=20
in chronological groups. Most enlargements can be zoomed from the=20
thumbnails now, but about two thirds of the ones in the 1995-1997=20
section, and the ones in the 1998 - 2002 section are apparently not yet=20
uploaded to the site. The enlargements are sizeable, though fast for=20
the dimensions they have, so you are warned.


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