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subject: iron red/cone 10 reduction

updated fri 31 oct 03


iandol on thu 30 oct 03

Dear Paul,
Perhaps the best thing to do is to make test tiles. Mine are 6 ins by 2 =
ins (15*5 cms). A glaze is painted full length and allowed to dry, then =
two thirds and allowed to set up then one third with a third layer. This =
gives me the equivalent of a one playing card thickness, the two, =
finally three cards thicknesses. Mel is right, there are always =
differences which reveal a lot about the nature of a glaze and its =
interaction with the clay beneath.
An alternative to a flat tile would be a narrow cylinder dipped full =
depth, then two thirds from the rim down, then a third from the rim =
down. But this may no be the best option if your example is very fluid. =
So do it the other way up!!.
Now I must get away and paint up a dozen tiles to fire tomorrow. Ah yes, =
an extra bit of information on these. A single stripe of Red Iron oxide =
on the clay to test the transparency of the glazes I am using.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia