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self promotion...briefly

updated fri 31 oct 03


Richard Aerni on thu 30 oct 03

Hello everyone,

If anyone of you are interested in seeing my work in the near future,
I've listed the venues where I'll be showing.

The Gallery, Bloomington, IN November 7-30 A two person show with
painter Robert Kingsley.

Ceramics in the 21st Century Columbus, OH Currently running. There are a
couple of pieces of my production work in this show.

Studio/Moving Sale My studio, Bloomfield, NY November 8 & 9, 10-4 both
days. Preparatory to moving my studio into the city of Rochester, I'm
having a sale to try to get rid of as much of my inventory as possible.
Hundreds of pots available, from sake cups and drinking cups all the way up
to 50 pound planters. People have already been stopping by and literally
buying the pots off my walls in the house. We're downsizing, housing-wise,
and just don't have the space to keep as much around.

For those interested, in the future my studio will be in the Hungerford
Building, an old flavoring manufacturing building, at 1115 East Main St.,
Suite 106, Rochester, NY 14609. The suite nomenclature is a bit's a first floor studio with a loading dock (!!!! Yes! big
fist pump) and bay for the gas kiln, ample space for gallery, packing room,
permanent photo setup, and space for several potters in the forming area.
I'll be moving there starting late next week. Right now I'm tearing down
the kiln and getting everything else ready for the big job of transporting.

Best to all,
Richard Aerni
Bloomfield, NY

elca branman on thu 30 oct 03


Have an easy move and a joyous new adventure in city living.

Elca Branman

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