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san diego 'fire relief' benefit sale for potters

updated fri 31 oct 03


Stephani Stephenson on thu 30 oct 03

Hi all
I will get better info out on this but here is an update
So far I have not personally heard of another potter who has
lost a studio/home here
though I am asking around the local clay community
so this may turn into something which may benefit more than
but I think will be a good way to come together .
SOme who's homes were spared are experiencing 'survivor
shock' as one person put it
as surrounding neighborhoods were destroyed, or family and
friends suffered loss.

So here is what we will do.

Saturday December 6 will be a sale, from 10 to 4 PM

Potters/artists/tilemakers/sculptors have an option

1. If you want to donate work, please send or drop off at
the address given below.
Even a single cup, bowl, tile etc. will be appreciated.
we will sell this and donate 100% of proceeds to the
potter(s) who lost studio (s)
I have included a US POST OFFICE address as well as a
UPS/FEDEX address at the end of this post

2. If you are a local potter/artist/sculptor /tilemaker and
would like to sell some more of your work,
and are willing to bring your own table , you can set up and
sell your work and donate a % .
The % would be up to you , you would handle your own sales.
It would be fabulous if we had half a dozen folks who would
want to do this... even some folks who want to pool their
work . I would recommend bringing a table , chairs and a
canopy , as we will mostly be outside. Please let me know if
you are interested in this. We'll have a lot of stuff for
sale in both categories,

3. I will get out a more specific info form, also we will
publicize... I would like to list people who participate,
both those who donate work even if it is one piece of

4. Please let me know if you would like to participate,
especially if you are local or in the region and will be
here.. I am compiling a mailing list to send more detailed
info and we have a graphic designer , Betsy Schulz, who will
help us on some publicity. It will still be pretty casual,
at time for friends to stop by, etc.
but sale will be open to the public. I will make up a map,
directions etc.

5. I do thank the couple of folks who have offered to send
cash. I do not want to accept cash donations but Irene de
Watteville is checking on some local legitimate nonprofits
here where a check could be sent and earmarked or written
specifically for a person, and tax credit could be given for
donation. I will publish that info but right now I don't
want to solicit or accept cash donations myself , I feel
it better to funnel cash through a legit cash donation
channel. There are some 100% operations setting up here,
where all $ go to the person.

6. If you feel like you would like to send some work to be
sold...please pack it well, put a suggested price tag on it
or with it, Some accompanying info about you, a card, a
flyer, would be nice but is not essential. Your work will
be in good company. Maybe we'll try to have a raffle for
some supplies, etc. if anything of that nature is donated by

send to EITHER of the following addresses
(the studio is on a corner property. UPS delivers on one
street, the POST OFFICE on the other the
following address are for the SAME PLACE but it is IMPORTANT
that you choose the right address for the right shipper ,
because they don't always cover each other!


Alchemie Studio
1111 Urania Avenue
Encinitas CA 92024

phone # 760-730-9141


Alchemie Studio
850 Normandy Road
Encinitas CA 92024

I am communicating a lot by email
you can contact me via
or 760-730-9141

Thanks much to those who have already communicated
from the community of clay near and far
lots of neighbors here picking up and hugging
an interesting side note
Though lives and people are the important thing
One man on TV said he will build his next house out of clay,
as his ceramics collection was all that survived the

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA