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claybuds in cm

updated fri 31 oct 03


Gene and Dolita Dohrman on thu 30 oct 03

I saw this same pierced vase and may I just say...ah...well...the earth =
moved. The simplicity of form, the simplicity of the piercing, and the =
subtle beauty of the glaze combined in one piece was breathtaking. (Am =
I gushing?) The artist was Judi Dyelle. Her place settings are very =
organic and are also pierced but in a very unique way. =20
This whole issue of CM is great. There is an article on "How to =
Interpret a Typical Data Sheet" (P.69). I know there has been much =
discussion lately on the composition of certain clays. Most of you have =
probably seen it by now.

Logan wrote:
>By the way, speaking of the work inside,on pg. 44 the piecered vase =
with the pink crystal glaze is >to die for and it has several qualitys =
I'm looking for.
Louisville, KY