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clayarters in cm ads and j. molinaro in southern living

updated fri 31 oct 03


Jonathan Kirkendall on wed 29 oct 03


Clayart=B9s very own ex-moderator Joe Molinaro is pictured in the November
2003 of Southern Living! If you get AOL, you can see him on line at,13676,5194=

Or, pick up a hard copy of the magazine and see the article called =B3Pick a
Pretty Pot=B2 (ugh) about potters in Lexington, Kentucky.

And just in case you think it=B9s a little frightening that I actually know
what=B9s in this month=B9s issue of Southern Living, it=B9s because my momma told

Jonathan in DC
not quite, but almost, southern

On 10/29/03 8:26 PM, "Vince Pitelka" wrote:

> Adds in the new CM feature a bunch of familiar faces. Jonathan Kaplan in=
> ad for Paragon kilns, David Hendley in a great plug for the Potter's Coun=
> and Tony Ferguson in I can't remember what ad. It was great to see some
> familiar faces, and see what Tony looks like.
> - Vince
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