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updated wed 29 oct 03


wayneinkeywest on tue 28 oct 03

Apology to L.Katz, Bil l Daley

Dear Clay Arters:
1. How do you make the upside down carrot as a cone symbol?

Assuming that you have an "English" PC, with keyboard, and not a Mac...
Look at the "6" key on your keyboard, the one over the letters, not the one
off on the right side. Over the six should be the caret
symbol, the "^". It might be in a different place on yours, but it has been
pretty standard for the last 5 years or so on any MS compatible keyboard.
Maccies? Is it any different on yours?
Hope that helps,
Wayne Seidl

Catherine White on tue 28 oct 03

Apology to L.Katz, Bil l Daley

I make all sorts of odd clay things. Step One is to find an existing object
to shape it over or Step Two is to get my 2" thick styrofoam sheet out and
start carving with a serrated edge steak knife. Thank goodness for Michael's
50% off coupons. Their $10.00, 2' x 4' piece is then only $5.00. I
sometimes daydream of spontaneously constructing some complex, floaty, 24"
tall structure of beauty that will inspire awe, but meantime I sit with a
sketchpad and pencil formulating my next construct.

Catherine in Yuma, Arizona
Life is what happens while you're making other plans

----- Original Message -----
Now I am not able to throw and only hand build--making my own supports the
way Bill Daley taught me, or not. Sometimes I actually use a commercial
mold. Oh my gads! I can just see the horror that would have been in the eyes
of colleagues and teachers in the 60s! Thank goodness we clay people are
not so rigid anymore.