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updated wed 29 oct 03


Hank Murrow on tue 28 oct 03

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> Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 6:44 PM
> Subject: Foot rings on plates
> I'm working on a series of plates.
> I've been experimenting with foot rings.
> I've noticed some plates have none,
> while some have one & others have multiple rings.
> Books rarely show photos of the bottom of plates.
> So I'm curious about which are your favorites and why.

Good Morning Gail;

I have a favorite technique which is illustrated in a tutorial on my
web site. I use a roller to move the excess clay at the edge of the
plate up and over to form a nice footring. One advantage of this is
that the wirecut is undisturbed and available to be revealed by the
glaze. Another, is that if an avery label is placed in the center of
the bisqued bottom, one can glaze the piece and remove the label,
revealing a bare spot that one can wad to prevent the glazed bottom
from kissing the shelf. You can see it here:

The only downside is that one must dry the work carefully to prevent an
uneven foot from being rolled.

Cheers, Hank