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misc: footrings on plates; woodash in electric

updated wed 29 oct 03


lili krakowski on tue 28 oct 03

Of course footrims on plates are an individual choice. I do not use =
them except on platters where a couple help support the center. Even =
there it depends on the balance (weight wise) of the platter--a very big =
flanged platters seems to welcom the extra support. The outside rim is =
pierced in three equidistant places to allow the owner to hang the =
platter if so desired.

I do not make footrims on regular plates as they tend to collect a bit =
of water in the dishwasher, evern when I dry the dishes there, and then =
I get water on my feet or on the floor when I unload.

As to woodash glazes in the electric kiln. I have not noticed any bad =
effects. I use only washed ash so a lot of charcoal is out, and I =
really do not think what remains does any more damage than regular =
ogranic matter burning out in bisque. After all ash is already =

As the snowseason looms I can only say I'll take the worst blizzard snug =
in my house, than tremble in my house wondering if the forest fire will =
reach it....To all you Californians--I am so sorry for your plight...