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iron red/cone 10 reduction

updated wed 29 oct 03


mel jacobson on tue 28 oct 03

i think thickness and thinness will make a great deal
of difference.
just like any other glaze.

glaze application, what cone you bisque fire to,
how long you keep it in the bucket. (count of 8, count of ten..whatever.)
how hot you fire...or, what is cone ten to you,
may not be cone ten to me.
i fire til cone 11 bends to 1:37 a.m. or, not quite two o'clock.

tim frederick from past orton and i feel that this is
perfect cone 10.
others disagree.

how long you fire down..and control the cooling will affect
iron red a great deal. (and of course, crystal growth.)

in three firings in a row i have gotten a very bright red
on an iron bearing stoneware body. i will fire again this
week and see if it is going to be permanent, or an anomaly.
but, then, who knows.
this is all new to me.
now i have to make an ash glaze. jeeez. i am never done.

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