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updated tue 28 oct 03


Sandy Miller on mon 27 oct 03

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From: Sandy Miller=20
To: John Hesselberth=20
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 7:42 AM
Subject: ash glazes,=20

Hi John,
I was skimming the digest form of clayart this morning and saw your =
post. I am sending you some glazes at ^6 I have used with good success. =
The runny tan ash formula I use the most as goes well over a nice off =
white satin matt. Have only used these on decorative and never used =
them on functional, as I don't do too much functional. =20

Runny Ash ^6
Gert. Borate 14.0%
Lithium Carb 5.0
Whiting 19.0
Wood Ash 19.0
Alberta Slip 34%
ASP 400 or 9.0
georgia kaolin

Use this glaze very thin. =20

Blue Ash from Lenore Vanderkoi ^6
Gert. Borate 13.6%
Lithium Carb 4.5
Ash 18.2
Whiting 18.7
Alberta Slip 36.4
EPK 9.1
Copper Carb 2.0
Cobalt Carb 2.0
Rutile 3.0

Also apply thin, as you can see it is the same as above with colorants. =
Nice glaze!

Sea Green Ash ^5
Gert Borate 12.0
Lithium Carb. 4.0
Ash 17.0
Alberta Slip 33.0
EPK 12.0
Cobalt Carb 1.0
Copper Carb 2.0
Rutile 3.0
Rio 3.0 but have had better success with =
Black iron oxide

Also very similar to the above formulas

Currently on my test table but haven't fired up the woodstove yet! =
Sooner than I had hoped though.
Leach Yellow Seto ^6
Wood Ash 50%
Ochre 25%
Custer 25%

Keep thin or will scraping your kiln shelves. Would like to substitue =
redart or goldart for the ochre but haven't tried it yet. My notes also =
say add 3% copper carb for black. This glaze has all the making for a =
diasater but will give it try.

The satin matt is an old Hal McWhinnie formula from a really old CM =
Liked it alot but don't use it anymore. ^6-8

Dolomite 18.18
Gert Borate 9.09
Neph Sye. 36.37
EPK 18.18
Flint 18.18

off white 1-3%
blue violet
cobalt carb .25%
soft green
copper carb 1.0%
I adjusted the above recipe over the years and finally settled on the =
Buttery Satin Matt ^6
Kona Feld. F-4 14.6%
Gert. Borate 9.1
Whiting 21.5
Epk 29.5
Flint 25.3
rutile 3.0
I love the feel of this glaze in the begining had trouble with crawling =
on large platters but it was too thick. =20
by the way the clay body I use is Standard 182. =20
I will try to find Jacobs email but might have to ask you to forward =
this if I can't find it. I am swamped with orders at the moment and =
wish I had more time to devote to this topic but won't see light until =
mid December. All the best.......
Sandy Miller =20

Barbara Rathbun Hood on mon 27 oct 03

Stupid question I know, but are those ash glazes reduction or oxidation?

Jipsy in the "Burg"

ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on mon 27 oct 03

Not a stupid question, mostly i would say that if its in Gas or wood its
Reduction, if fired in electric , oxydation