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xavier's warm jade ^6

updated mon 27 oct 03


Heidi Haugen on sat 25 oct 03

i've been working with this glaze for about 6 years, it's a love/hate
relationship. it'f funny that it keeps coming up....i did the original
leach testing on it and was freaking out over 4.2mg/l leaching (before i
knew anything about leach testing results) but john hesselberth was
excited about it's stability and it's been in my line every since.

for me, the trouble is pinholing when the glaze is too thick but it's so
ugly when it's thin that i end up with a lot of landfill items as i' m
always trying to get it just right.

ron roy even revised it for me (see for a pic.
i use the revised glaze as one of my staples but it does not look the
same as the original so i use them both.
i used to double dip xavier's over the same base glaze with 4% iron.
loved the look but sooooo finicky if it was too thick and pinholed like
crazy. i am now using another revision from john hesselberth's
glazemaster program companion book and it behaves better but still
touchy. i just can't seem to give up this glaze.

when it is fired on a ron/john schedule (slow cool) it is much more
matte than on a fast cool...i always fire down because most of my glazes
are better that way.

you can get the recipe from cushings handbook (my original source) or
off of john's website.

good luck and holler if you have any questions i may be able to help
take care,
heidi haugen
west glacier, montana