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ot health insurance

updated mon 27 oct 03


Cindi Anderson on sun 26 oct 03

That is the irony of it. My husbands last broken arm (a few years ago now)
cost about $18,000 for surgery, hospital, etc. That's what he would have
had to pay if he didn't have insurance. Instead the insurance company paid
the "negotiated fee" of $2,500 and the rest was written off. So the people
without insurance but that are not totally poor are the ones subsidizing.
Of course the poor ones get coverage for free. I offered insurance to an
employee of mine and they declined because they get it free from the state.
So there are all kinds of inequities, groups of people subsidizing other

And now we are in a situation where they are excluding coverage for all
kinds of illnesses. Kind of defeats the purpose of insurance which is to
spread the risk out among many people. I believe National Health Insurance
is the only answer.


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From: "Norman van der Sluys"
> If you really believe that you are paying for those who cannot afford
> health insurance, just inquire about the difference between what your
> insurance provider pays and what would be charged to a patient without
> insurance.