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gare velvet underglazes

updated sun 26 oct 03


Eleanora Eden on sat 25 oct 03

Hi Pam and all,

The Gare velvet underglazes are exactly the same product as the Amaco
velvets. Amaco sold most of their colors to Gare awhile back. These will
fuse together at cone 10. The velvets have enough flux in them to stand
alone. They are not engobes.

As for the colors, I don't use high fire so I cannot discuss it first
hand. But I have heard good reports on these colors at cone 10.
I'd like to hear your report on the various colors at cone 10, just for
curiosity. It would be great if you would report to the list on your results!


At 05:02 PM 10/21/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, quick question here. I just got a deal on some Gare velvet underglazes.
>I plan on making some test tiles to see how they do at my local clay guild's
>kilns, which fire hotter (cone 10)than what is recomended for the
>underglazes. I know it is likely the colors will not turn out as they would
>in a low fire kiln, but since I got a deal, I do not mind the unexpected :-)
>My question is, do I need to wax like I would with a glaze? Or do these work
>like mason stain or oxides? I want to use this on beads and little things.
>Can I just put my little pieces into a pot all together and not worry about
>them fusing together ?

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