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fimo tool handle

updated sun 26 oct 03


Eleanora Eden on sat 25 oct 03

You wrap the tool with softened "fimo" (polymer clay), smooth it out real
nice, and then put it in a 265F oven for 35 minutes (anyway that was the
instruction on mine). Comes out totally hard and permanent. For my
two-bladed knife it is now
a two-ended tool that doesn't close but that is okay as the blades are
both so worn down.

At 11:29 PM 10/24/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I searched out "fimo". Google results show it as a polymer clay. How is it
>used as a handle or rib? I've not used polymer clay. Your results sound
>as though it's sturdy, flexible or hard(?), and permanent.
>Catherine in Yuma, Arizona
>----- Original Message -----
> > Interesting that you mentioned the idea of using fimo. I have been using
>fimo to make stamps for marking my pots with my signature. Because fimo is
>no fine and not at all porous, it can make a very clear stamp.
> > I have also used fimo to make ribs with notches for rounding off rims.
>(The stuff that sells for $16+). It has lasted me forever and still hasn't
>shown any signs of wearing out.>
> > Charan
> >Well I had just seen some crochet
>hooks covered with fimo to make them easier to handle and I took some fimo
>and made a gorgeous new permanent handle for my precious old dull
>knife. It is awesome! If you have a tool you like but the handle is too
>skinny or worn out give this idea a try!
> >Eleanora
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