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val cushing's handbook/archives 2002

updated sat 25 oct 03


Joyce Lee on fri 24 oct 03

This is from the archives October 2002 posted
by me ..... it
concerns the contents of this terrific handbook,
not the price. However, an address was just
on Clayart for contacting Mr. Cushing's wife
who direct sells the handbook. =20


It would be nigh on to impossible to give
a "brief revue of its contents." This is
Cushing's own notes, lectures, records,
ruminations, ideas collected over many
years. It's as if you threw all such material
into a very large room for many years and
began pulling out items and scraps of
writings ...... which then triggered other
thoughts that you perhaps hadn't written
down ..... and put them into a "handbook"
in somewhat of an organized fashion. Many of the pages
are in his own handwriting.

Contents include just about every aspect
of clay ..... including "what to do next"
when you're stuck for inspiration. Lots
of glaze and slip recipes with notes.
Tools for a studio. Clays. Whatever. Outstanding
for content ...... its glance into a lifetime
of generosity in potting and teaching ... as well as
originality of approach to disseminating
subject matter.

I cart my
copy from studio to house ....... all over
the house .... to browse,
appreciate and use Cushing's offerings
to my own advantage.

In the Mojave where the wind doth
howl and moan trying to coax its way
into the house, out of the cold .... like
many of us, it needs to clean up its
presentation if it chooses to influence
its way into our minds and hearts.....
my door will stay closed...... not going
to reap any whirlwinds THIS morning..