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glaze calculation- why use oxides? ------- =============== tony

updated sat 25 oct 03


clayar@DIGITALFIRE.COM on fri 24 oct 03

Hansen, Calculation/Database Software for Ceramic

I know what you mean by preaching.
I have long been pushing the idea of \'dressing\' recipes rather
than exchanging \'naked\' ones with no other information than
the materials and percentages. I have had pages like this one
on the web since 1995 and been publishing documented recipes
since around 1980. I am close to finishing a new \'recipe server\'
on the net, it will provide a very elaborate place to document
recipes for everyone to use. One really needs to understand
a recipe before he can use a \'base glaze with adjustments\'
approach on it. This is the approach to glaze formulation I
really like to use.

Hi May,

Thanks for this post - I do feel like a preacher sometimes - and it is
wonderful when the reaction is like yours. It is easy to get discouraged
with all the confusion in this subject but it is so important we just have
to keep trying.

Some one said it will take more than a few books to fix this up - perhaps -
but it is a start and it is about time. I think we would all be very
surprised at just how many potters have learned to use glaze calculation
software over the last 5 years.

Wouldn\'t it be wonderful if all published glazes had the Seger formula with
them - and some intelligent comments to help explain what it means - in
words potters would easily understand.

Like Ababi does.

We will do it here and it will spread - as Mel says - it\'s grass roots and
it will spread - can\'t stop it! What we need now is the jumping in part.
Who knows - maybe teachers will someday be required to know it and teach
it. It is so much easier now - there is no reason to not know it.


>Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement.
>Some people cook with meat thermometer; some people cook like the \"America
>Test Kitchen\"; some people cook and gone off and work for the lab at
>Macdonalds. J
>With this thread, I went on and re-read Bailey\'s book [for the 8th times],
>as well as the appendix of your book regarding Unity Formula. The numbers
>can be off putting at first. The more I read and talk about it, the more I
>Speaking of reading and books;
>I just got your book 3 weeks ago. My studio colleague was reading it, and
>she wouldn\'t put it down!. My friend, who bought it for me from the state,
>is going to get her own copy. Another potter student friend, who\'s going to
>NY next month, will be getting it as well. I hope this will start a positive
>trend here, as durable glaze is not taught in school. The glaze technology
>class in one 2 year certificate programme (community college) here only last
>one day.