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tilt-a-plate and a new question

updated fri 24 oct 03


Lois on thu 23 oct 03

Can anyone explain this? I understand gravity and flow for the vertical
surfaces, but why does the glaze not melt on flat items. I am having the
same problem with low open bowls, glazes not melting or pin holing inside
the bowl, while the outside is almost over fired. Any insight appreciated.

Chris wrote
>> I have some glazes which look great on vertical
>> surfaces but tend to pinhole and not look so hot on the
>> flat surface of plates. Been wondering if I could prop
>> them up in the kiln somehow so that the surface was
>> tilted a little, to encourage the glaze to move more. At
>> the moment, I'm thinking in terms of putting the plate
>> on a setter, and then propping up one side of the setter
>> as much as I can without causing the plate to slide off.
>> What I'm wondering is whether it would stay in that
>> position, or whether as it heated and cooled, it would
>> move enough to cause it to slide down, thereby running
>> the rim of the plate into the shelf and making a mess
>> that I have to grind off. Maybe I could make a special
>> setter-cookie with a depression that would hold the foot
>> of the plate so it couldn't slide?