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cone 6 glaze for oct 25

updated sun 26 oct 03


Hal Mc Whinnie on thu 23 oct 03

a3 spar 54
epk 14
whiting 14
barium 6
silica 5
zinc 4
magnesium 2

smooth white matt opaque
cone 6
not fluiid
dark stains show

Ron Roy on sat 25 oct 03

I don't think this glaze will melt properly at cone 6 for starters - the
alumina is very high. It is short of silica, the expansion is very high so
it will craze on just about any body.

So - what I am saying here - is it's most likely not a durable glaze so it
would be best on the outsides of pots where food can't come in contact with


>a3 spar 54
>epk 14
>whiting 14
>barium 6
>silica 5
>zinc 4
>magnesium 2
>smooth white matt opaque
>cone 6
>not fluiid
>dark stains show

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Hal Mc Whinnie on sat 25 oct 03

analysois for ghlaze is

k2o 0.18
na2o 0.07
mgo 0.07
cao 0.43
bao 0.09
zno 0.15
al2o3 0.45
sio2 2.50

one needs to remember that many of these glazes are designed for hand b uild
sculptures or the outside of pots.

i have tried to move beyond the traditional confines of cone 6 in order to
creatre glaes that have more interest and unusual effects