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: glaze calculation- why use oxides?

updated fri 24 oct 03


iandol on tue 21 oct 03

Dear May Luk,=20

Thank you for your note to Clayart (#2003-294).

An excellent idea to belong to such a group. Many years ago I attended =
such a group in Carlisle which was mentored by Dr Bob Hogg.

There are many sources for books. I recall you said you were in London. =
If that is London, England you have access to the British Library. I =
would like to know if their copy of J. R. Glauber's Treatise has been =
returned to the reference section. This is one of the earliest books =
(Trans. to English circa 1670) which took Alchemy and made it =
understandable to the people of the day. I would imagine their shelves =
have many more books that would be useful to any of us.

Municipal libraries give access to good collections as do University =
libraries. And though you may not be able to borrow from higher =
institutions they are accessible and you can always photocopy the =
sections you need.

Often I have bought books which are remaindered at less than a tenth of =
the RRP and as you say, there are good second hand bargains to be had.

If it is of interest to you, my current pet topic is to find reasons why =
Glazes that incorporate Copper compounds to create colour become highly =

Have fun with your science.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia. Having spent a couple of hours =
today driving to the Mobile Library Office to collect a special book =
they obtained for me on Inter-Library Loan.

iandol on wed 22 oct 03

Dear Tony Hansen,=20

You say <happening.>>

If I use your glaze calculation program or just nut the numbers out with =
a hand calculator, will I find an answer to the question "Why do Copper =
compounds destabilise a Glaze?". Or alternatively "What do I do to a =
glaze which proves itself unstable to make it stable?"

I would dearly love to have an understanding of the behaviour of Copper =
compounds in glazes and you are offering me the Holy Grail.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia