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recipes cone 6 book with czech materials

updated wed 22 oct 03


Leona Snuparkova on tue 21 oct 03

Hello friends,

I thought somebody might be interested in my results with the recipes from
the great book Cone 6 glazes too. I did use local materials available in my
country, Czech republic, Europe. I did recalculate few of the recipes with
the help of the Insight.

I am really excited about the possibility to make almost the same looking
glaze with different materials!

The glazes I did recalculate so far are:
1. HCS1 p. 86 Variegated Slate Blue - little different in colour, a bit
muddy blue
2. HCS1 p. 86 Oatmeal - it seems to me to be almost the same
3. HCS1 p. 86 Field Mouse Brown - different colour response, greygreen
4. Licorice p. 96 - as a testing batch it did look very similar though
runny. I added some kaolin. For the pile I did use different RIO (cheaper
one:-)), artificial - the result is a very interesting black/green g.
breaking brown over the edges and very sensitive in colour to the thickness
of the layer.
5. Waterfall Brown p. 106 - not a good result yet - flat black glaze with
yellowish pattern down the edges.

I am attaching 4 pictures to this e-mail but am not sure, if they will be
available on the Clayart. If not, then let my post be a token of my joy with
this beautiful book.