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updated tue 21 oct 03


Bill Edwards on sun 19 oct 03

I believe Syed would have been happy to had discussed
any problems personally and would have taken care of
it. I have spent some time talking with him and have
placed orders personally and for another business with
him, and he is also very willing to provide
manufacturing information on the re-distribution
products and MSDS sheets. He handles bulk quantities
of materials and you need to make sure you are
decisive on what you order since he has the capacity
to carry varying grades of materials as any well
stoked supplier should.
As far as an additional fee on shipping, thats routine
in most any business. There is a handling fee which
usually makes up for the cost of the box and the
materials used to ship among other things. When I had
UPS coming daily it was easy to see why we added
additional costs to shipping. They went up every year
consistently and now the USPS offers free boxes and
tape and materials to businesses upon asking if you
ship priority with them.

Bill Edwards


Bill Edwards
PO Box 267
Lafayette, AL, 36862

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