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updated tue 21 oct 03


Barbara Kobler on mon 20 oct 03

Hi Marylin,
I gotta agree with Phil, I use this vendor a lot and is really trying to save you on the shipping cost. Most mail vendors today charge 7.95-10.95 minimum no matter how small.

About 2 years ago I received a badly mangled priority flat rate package from them but none since. I have talked to Said a few times about shipping problems and the reason this happens is because he is trying to save you and me a couple dollars. If he can jam it into a flat rate envelope he doesn't have to jump to incremental weight prices which can more than double the cost...sometimes even triple it. And sometimes it's a new person packing who doesn't do it right. When you order, tell him you prefer that it be shipped in a regular priority box instead of the flat rate light weight cardboard box. Also do phone and let him know there was a problem on that shipment. A seller can't correct an error if they don't know about it.

Barbara Kobler