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glaze calculation/ron's post

updated tue 21 oct 03


Alisa Clausen on sun 19 oct 03

Dear Ron and Clayart
This may be the best general post on glaze chemistry I have ever read.

I could have written portions of this post myself, as I am by no means, by
no means, a glaze chemistry expert. What I have on my side is the last
portion of Ron's post:

> What is necessary is a willingness to learn, a curiosity about how things
> work and the time and energy to do it.
> Not for every one I suppose - but I warn you all now - once you start -
> may find you can't stop and you will find it one of the most fascinating
> journeys you have ever taken.

Also, as said previously, an eventual balance between chemistry and an
educated intuition is achieved, as one learns materials. Both are
invaluable as well as necessary. One of my main missions on the subject of
glaze making, is to get people to just jump in, and learn from there. It is
the jumping in that is the vital skill.

Thank you Ron, a man who I would call one of the "Seger Boys", whom I could
easily be intimated by in regard to your overall knowledge, for your down
to earth, honest and reinforcing thoughts. These are the words that should
inspire anyone who wants to make their own glaze tests, to jump in. For
those of us who are already in it, these are words that tell of a bright
future for our glaze experimentation and sharing of that information. I
feel good.

best regards from Alisa in Denmark.