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primal's post on ohio show

updated tue 14 oct 03


Joyce Lee on mon 13 oct 03

Kelly...... I really think you should consider
writing this up and offering it to the
Comment Section of
Ceramics Monthly. Good, exciting review
and a great read. Think about it.

In the Mojave so happy to learn that my
Palo Verde trees will make it..... that their
leaves may dry up and fall off several times
and the tree continue to be healthy .... just
add water regularly and they'll recover
fine.... unless, of course, you are watering
often and then they crunch up and fall off......
if so, I could be in trouble.... but that's not
the case. The latest agave looks great.....
going to be a large, full one. There are
over 200 kinds of agave ...... think I'll see
how many I can capture....