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ian currie in europe--glaze calculation

updated mon 13 oct 03


Dave Finkelnburg on sat 11 oct 03

Dear Alisa,
I read your post with great interest. Ian is a fun person! His system
is excellent, too!
Regarding glaze calculation, I heartily commend your effort to calculate
Seger formulas by hand. That is the only way, I feel, that you can truly
understand what glaze calculation software does.
However, once you master the manual method, it makes sense to me to
automate that process and use software to get you to the Seger formula
The big thing I feel you learn from manually calculating the Seger or
unity molecular formula is that the old truism about computers, "garbage in,
garbage out" is still valid. If you have a bad analysis for your raw
material, or the analysis changes, as Gerstley borate changed so much over
the years, then you get a bad prediction of what the glaze will be like.
You need to maintain the material definition table in your software to keep
the analyses there current!
Good glazing!
Dave Finkelnburg

Alisa wrote, in part: "....I do not have a glaze calcuation program. I
will try out the John and Ron program when I get the chance and Ababi has
sent me a version of Matrix to try. However, with Ian here, I got a good
start on Seger calculation. I like to do it by hand because, again being
the practical type, I learn by doing. It takes me a long time to get
through the examples in Ian's red book, but it is coming along. Ian is very
positive. He says the understanding is there, I need, however, to get more
secure in my math work. I enjoy it all and it a great challenge to be
involved in...."