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favorite handy tools

updated sat 11 oct 03


Joyce Lee on fri 10 oct 03

My favorite all-around tool is a small pair of
fingernail scissors. I use them for opening
plastic packaging, envelopes, lifting can
tabs, cutting threads.
They're in constant use though I
never thought of them as a "tool" before
today. Car and house keys are used the
same way.

I , too, appreciate my Giffin Grip though I don't
always use it these days. I make a lot of
asymmetrical pots and the Grip helps me trim
more efficiently. Skinny bottles, also, which
I place in a holder (a chuck?) and then position
the holder-with-bottle in the Grip. Bottles are
my newest Pot Passion. This new passion
popped up, I'm sure, because I'm honor-bound
to make cactus pots for the Cactus Lady and
the skinny bottles don't fulfill that purpose.
Perverse, eh?

The hand tools I use the most, however, are=20
made by Bison and by Chris Henley .......
practically anything they make.... for trimming....
sgrafitto........ carving.... piercing....=20

AND the carved decorating rollers I found at
NCECA in Denver. Use them often.
I know you can create=20
your own with a chopped-up broom handle and some
of that thick liquid glue ... but these are so handy
and make such great designs and texture. Well
worth the few bucks.

In the Mojave apologizing for sending a very
personal post to the list.... meant for Phyllis'
e-mail box. I know better but still cause additional
work for the moderator too often. This time,
though, I didn't catch it myself until I saw that
it had been sent to the list. What a pain!
Sorry, DaisyPet.