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fish bone and shell firing experiments

updated mon 6 oct 03


Zoe Johnson on sun 5 oct 03

I have fired several types of shells and shell fragments in oxidation and
reduction. The results are interesting but not thrilling. Small fragments
seem to work best and shells should be placed upside down so the texture is
impressed into the glaze. So far this experiment has yielded several
natural ashtrays, as the flat plates I use for the experiments, look just
like used ashtrays.

Fish bone, fired only in oxidation so far is more interesting. It really
embeds itself into the glaze. The areas under the bone (where the bone
didn't emed in the glaze) were locally reduced. The fish bones that stayed
above the surface were moderately friable and the most lovely shade of
copper blue. (This was over an iron glaze). Since it looks like it will be
a moderately long time until there is a reduction firing where I work,
that portion of the experiment will have to wait.