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crafts at rhinebeck show this weekend...

updated fri 3 oct 03


Kenneth J. Nowicki on thu 2 oct 03

Hi friends,

Wife & I thought we might grab the kids and take the drive up to Rhinebeck
for the Crafts at Rhinebeck show this weekend... get a hotel for the night so we
don't have to drive back to Long Island the same day... make a weekend out of
it... well, sort of...

I've never been to this show before. I've heard it was a good show though,
and believe I first heard about it through The Crafts Report years ago.
Supposedly, there are some children's activities included as well... which is good...
as my two little boys will need a place to burn off a little energy... heh heh

Anyway... was just wondering if any of you are participating in the show...
and if you are... maybe you'd like us to drop by your booth to say "hello"?
Just a thought... let us know what you're booth number is and we'll try to drop
on by... :-) You can post me off line.

Thanks all...


Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY