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sakespeare ain't canadian after all

updated thu 25 sep 03


Hendrix, Taylor J. on wed 24 sep 03

Howdy all:

Okay so I seemed to have mishandled Shakespeare in an
earlier post when I was trying to be a smarty ass (This
should not be confused with a 'smarty arti' who 'kicks
ass'. Two totally different things), and for penance=20
I have decided to mishandle him even more (this is=20
'Potter Logic'. Ask my priest, David Hendley, to=20


Taylor, in Waco

"My old kiln is nothing like the sun"
by Bill Shooksharpstick

My old kiln is nothing like the sun;
The sun is far more red, than her coils red:
If snow be white, why then her bricks are done;
If wires be hares, for sure this rabbit's dead.
I've seen her stainless damasked, red and white.
No beauty in those rust and clay flecked cheeks
And how those kiln fumes seep and drift despite
The manufacture's kiln vent. How it reeks!
I love to hear her hum, each switch on low,
Yet 'buzz-zit-pop' is the more common sound.
Still, never gawked at kilns in a kiln show.
My old kiln when she works ain't always ground:
To not get shocked I think is more the rare
Just as most kilns do when they need repair.