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updated tue 23 sep 03


Bacia Edelman on mon 22 sep 03

I know. I am not the moderator. But!
We have been round and round about the spelling police.
I joined Clayart near the beginning.
At an early NCECA, founders Joe Molinaro and Richard Burkett had
a Clayart meeting. There were handouts and Joe went over the material
in them.
There were two main points that stick in my mind.
One was that it was rude to correct spelling and it didn't belong on this
The second one was never to use capital letters. It was like SHOUTING.
I don't happen to agree with that all the time, because we cannot watch
body language or get a smile on someone's face except for all the :>}
It, like many subjects, appears and subsides.
I hope we can let this thread fade out.

Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin