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handles that taper towards the center

updated mon 22 sep 03


Vince Pitelka on sun 21 sep 03

> Is there a good, nonfussy way of getting a handle that tapers away from
> both the top and bottom attachments? I can fuss and get one but fuss is
> not really a fluent language for me.

Instead of pulling a handle from the end of a lump of clay, simply start
with a very short "sausage" shape, pull just below one end, turn it over,
and pull just below the other end, back and forth between the two ends.
That way, you will be left with a slug of clay at each end, with the handle
tapering to the center. You can then cut off as much as you want of the
slugs of clay at each end to get the attachment size and angle you want. You
will have to practice this so that you do not end up with a handle that is
too big and/or too long. One of the most frequent flaws in handmade mugs is
over-large handles which stick out too far from the mug or cup, and
therefore move your hand farther from the center of gravity.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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