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die making and bisque firing

updated mon 22 sep 03


Paul Raymond on sun 21 sep 03

Made 6 dies today for my just ordered but not yet received extruder. =
Can't wait to see it all in action. Made 2 hollow ones, round and square =
and several shapes. One is a "S" and one is simply a line. Made a curve =
one, too.=20

I also had my first bisque firing this weekend. It was a total success! =
Most of the kiln was loaded with odd chunks of clay that my 3 and 5 yeas =
olds made from a large thick slab. They just cut into that slab and =
stabbed with pencils and some paddles. They were pretty curious about =
the fired pieces. Wanted to know why they were so hot and had to be held =
with my welding gloves.

All in all it was a good clay weekend. Hope everyone has a good week.

Paul Raymond
Franklin, TN