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kelley wilks' flat rock clay newsletter 9-03

updated sat 20 sep 03


flat rock clay on fri 19 sep 03

Flat Rock Studio

Clay Supplies & Gallery

N us up after the first of Oct. Check it out!

2002 S School, Fayetteville

Tues. Ė Fri. 11 - 5p & Sat 9a - 12noon

Phone 479-521-3181

Fax 479-443-3772

Please leave a message - My hands may be in mud.

Clay Workshops / Moist Clays, Glazes, Hand Tools, Books, Wheels, Kilns, and
Raw Materials

NEWSLETTER Sep 17, 2003

Howdy All,

Itís that time. It is moving week! I am getting excited. The building wonít
be complete; it will be finished after move-in, It'll be a work in progress.
Youíll just have to come by on the 26th and see the new space for yourself.
We will have specials, demonstrations, door prizes, munchies and will round
out the day with a free slide show with our visiting artist, Mark Epstein.
Please note the new hours.

Our first WORKSHOP will also begin that evening with a free slide show at
7pm with Mark Epstein from Dallas. Mark will demonstrate the Extruder and
making pots with it . He is really a dynamic artist and a great teacher. I
have taken a couple enjoyable workshops from Mark and drink daily from one
of his mugs. Itíll cost $195 & be Sat Sep 27, 9:30a-4:30p & Sun Sep 28,
10:30-2:30 with an hour break each day. There is still space in each of the
three workshops. Call for more details.

I, Kelley WIlks, will be conducting the second workshop of the season on
Printing on Clay. Free slide show Fri Oct 24 at 7p and the workshop will be
Sat Oct 25th, 1p-5p and Sun Oct 26th, 11a-3p. Itíll be hands-on & one day in
Winslow (darkroom). The cost is $145 including supplies by Oct 3 or $165
after. Call for more details.

The final workshop of the 2003 season will be the highest requested one I
have had. Rosette Gault will conduct her Paper Clay workshop (partial
hands-on). Free slide show Fri Nov 7 at 7p. The workshop will be Sat Nov 8,
9:30a-4:30 & Sun Nov 9, 10:30-3:30 & cost $195 by Oct 17 or $215 after. Call
for more details.

The up-coming Mud Club will be on Tue Oct 7 from 7-8:30 (first Tue of even
months). Local artist, Jinny Angelis will be giving a talk on a recent
workshop she attended where she learned a lot about Shino Glazes, and there
will be plenty of time just to mingle and talk with others. This is a very
informal gathering of like minded people with an interest in clay, so we
hope to see you here (no dues). Hope you all can make it and we fill the new

Just after Flat Rockís re-opening will be the grand Opening of a friendís
gallery in Fayetteville. Not to make it too confusing, his name is Kelly
Moore. Announcing the opening of the Kelly Studio & Gallery at 200 West
Dickson (Next to US Pizza) Street in Fayetteville Arkansas. The Space will
feature Kellyís paintings which will revolve monthly and heíll also be
featuring another Artist every month or so with opening night exhibitions.
Please check his website at for periodical updates on the
upcoming shows time and dates. The Grand Opening of the space will September
27th Saturday from 6-8 & Sunday the 28th from 2 till 5. Refreshments will be

At this point I do not have an update from the Walton Art Center on the next
date for the Regional Arts Council meeting scheduled in Oct. You may want to
call them regularly to inquire or to check with me as I will be. Letís be

Iím really looking forward to the new permanent location. Please ask if
there is something you need that FRS doesnít have and I will try to get it
in for you. And, remember to check the wall if you have or are looking for
used equipment or clay teachers. Thank you for your business, and remember
to keep your hands muddy. óóóóóKelley Wilks

Mud Ramblings

By Mathew Smelser

Clay is so common a substance that we often overlook it. It is underfoot,
ordinary as dirt, a part of the soil we grow our crops in and the major
component of the bricks piled on Dickson St. that are slowly becoming
crosswalks. We eat off clay dishes, wash out of basins made of it and use
porcelain toilets to dispose of our bodily waists.

But clay has more than just a utilitarian place in our lives.

Creation stories from around the world relate that clay is the substance
that the first human bodies were made from. The earliest clay artifacts are
not practical vessels but are figures of abstracted women and male forms.

The connection between clay, the body and the spark of creation is still
seen in the modern works produced by artists.

Clay is organic, squishy and lumpy in the hands. Working with clay demands
an intimate interaction with the idea, body and medium. The element of
chance is always a factor in any piece, and what one puts into a work may
not produce expected results.

The kiln is the final test of clay. Many potential works have hidden flaws
that only show when the kiln is opened. But holding back a piece from this
test only weakens it. In time it crumbles and returns to the mud it once
was. Like people, clay is only mature after itís been through the fire.

Enjoy and happy mud fingers.

Workshop Registration

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Your registration must be postmarked or received before three weeks prior or
you will be charged the higher price. We are not responsible for lost or
late mail. Please remember to write neatly; if I canít read it (your card
number is not good and/or I canít call you back), you are not signed up for
the workshop. Refunds are prorated after the three week deadline. FRS will
mail conformation if more than one week prior to the workshop.

Please Deliver, Fax or Mail registration to

Flat Rock Studio Clay Supplies

P.O. Box 1642

Fayetteville, AR 72702

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