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slide jurying of digital images

updated fri 19 sep 03


Earl Krueger on thu 18 sep 03

On Sep 17, 2003, at 03:20 PM, Miriam wrote:

> So Kodak is going to discontinue them... Makes no difference... they
> will still be available for purchase for many year's at Thrift Shops &
> in the Classified!!!!

But where will the film for making slides come from? And at what price?

The handwriting's on the wall. Film, as a technology, will be replaced
digital just as vinyl records were replaced by CD's which are being
by MP3.

As has already been mentioned the real question is will jurors have the
necessary high quality equipment in good adjustment to properly judge
a digital image? If you don't think this is a problem a good example
is a
wall of TV's, all tuned to the same channel, at an electronics

It would seem to me that discussions on this need to begin now so that
involved become aware of the problem and resolutions can be worked out.