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kodak slide jurying of digital images

updated fri 19 sep 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 18 sep 03

Gosh. Earl K. is right in one respect... I get CDs sent to me
which do not work, crash my PC and are generally a pain in the
whatnot. These are submissions for exhibitions complete with
images which are supposed to run automatically from the disk,
using various programmes. But they rarely work for one reason or
another. One of the greatest difficulties is that a lot of
artists use MACs in the UK, whereas administrators, curators and
others generally have PCs and there are often conflicts.

Even slides held up to a light source are preferable to no images
at all... Yes, if I have the time and inclination, I sometimes
browse through the images on the disk, but I would not rely on
other busy selectors and jurors having the time or the patience
to do that for more than a couple at a time... Imagine having to
do that for several hundred! At the present time, the canny
artist sets up a CD submission with several options which the
user can chose, but who has all the technical know-how let alone
the (expensive) software necessary to do that?

I don't think that a "poor" showing due to the equipment of the
images to jurors necessarily adversely affects selection choices
where individuals are concerned. After all, if all the
submissions are seen on the same screen, using the same software
then they share the advantages and disadvantages equally, just as
they do when a slide show is set up. The problems I see are in
the reproduction and/or multiple showing to jurors at different
venues, because each PC and/or programme and/or browser seems to
interpret colours differently. I had not realised to what extent
this happens, until I got this new PC. It is weird seeing stuff I
designed in pale colours/tones coming up really as yucky darker,
strident colours now (I am using the same screen settings on the

The Good News is that Kodak is not the only company which
manufactures slide projectors or film. I don't see any reason to
panic just yet...


Janet Kaiser - on the first "typically Welsh" day in months!

>But where will the film for making slides come from? And at
what price?
>The handwriting's on the wall. Film, as a technology, will be
>by digital just as vinyl records were replaced by CD's which are
>replaced by MP3.
>As has already been mentioned the real question is will jurors
have the
>necessary high quality equipment in good adjustment to properly
>a digital image? If you don't think this is a problem a good
>is a wall of TV's, all tuned to the same channel, at an
>It would seem to me that discussions on this need to begin now
so that
>all involved become aware of the problem and resolutions can be
worked out.

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Jeremy McLeod on thu 18 sep 03

Janet Kaiser wrote:

> The Good News is that Kodak is not the only company which
> manufactures slide projectors or film. I don't see any reason to
> panic just yet...

AND there's always E-Bay, etc. Even when sources of new stuff
go away, methinks there will be Ektagraphics to be found on E-Bay
until the Second Coming!

Jeremy McLeod