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mfa ranking - everybody has an opinion

updated sat 20 sep 03


Anthony Wolking on tue 16 sep 03


I know this question has been posed several times over the history of
clayart. Yes, I have checked the archives, and I have performed a search
for this information.

Your opinion matters to me. Everyone will have a different take on this
topic, so please give it.

What I am looking for in a program is flexibility between both functional
and sculptural, and lots of technical information.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


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Saic1984@AOL.COM on fri 19 sep 03

Hello Anthony,

Two programs I can recommend are the ones at Massachusetts College of Art
(great facilities and tuition rate) and the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, my alma mater and employer.

I am fairly biased, since I've taught and attended at both, but I can also
address the issues of Admissions and curriculum at SAIC if you have any
questions in those areas.