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electric kiln equipped with a downdraft

updated wed 17 sep 03


Kathie Wheater on mon 15 sep 03

How should ware be packed in an electric kiln equipped with a downdraft =
style venting system?

Also, I just test fired my kiln for the second time and it went well. It =
seemed to go fine although it was very fast. I reached cone 06 in just =
under 12 hours, including candling. This is fast, Right? I am expecting =
it to be a few hours longer when I fire my first actual load. Any =

HI Paul,
How long did you candle?
My bisque^06 firings with 2hrs of candling and 2hrs at 50% or MED
or 'slow fire' on the 10cuft progammable all run between 7-10 hrs.
I keep it under 200F until a mirror by the top peep doesn't fog and
let it go slow between 800-1020F. By slow I mean no quicker than
1 degree climb per 10 seconds or so give or take a couple secs.
That's what I was taught right or wrong it works for me.
Bottom venting actually evens out your temps on a kiln w/o
zone control. The manual kilns w/o venting I've noticed can fire up to a
cone hotter on top than bottom on the bigger boys. It may also depend
on how its packed as far as whether you stagger your shelves or not.
I've heard arguments on both sides with this. Not sure if it matters.
Hope this helps,
from Glen Ellyn land o'possum