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hobbyists/taxes? 'ryder' and...

updated tue 16 sep 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 15 sep 03

Hi John, Lois, all...

Indeed 'Ryder' appears for some time to have become the

For awhile there, one could hear stories - for someone's
having rented one - of being followed by strip model dark
colored four door Automobles with guys in them as wore

But I think Lois was asking about Cargo Vans, as to me means
a lite-duty (half-ton or 3/4 at most) non-seat type of small
Van as is not a Truck...and maybe no Windows on the sides or

The other thing to maybe watch out whether one is
to pay for the miliage or not, or if so how much.

I got stung on that one time...the Cargo Van was like
$225.00 for a Week, but unbeknownst to me untill I returned
it, the miliage ( 875 miles in my case) was like 32 cents a
mile. So mot such a good deal afterall !


Las Vegas

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From: "John Baymore"

But from my experience in renting trucks.......... the ones
you get on the
"commercial" deal actually have a change of getting you
reliably to the
show and back . When I used to rent general "consumer"
trucks (don't do
that anymore) they were the scariest pieces of crap
imaginable to drive.
Always in terror that I would bareak down on the road. I
also don't use
UHaul at all anymore. Unreliable, terrible maintanence, I
use Ryder
commercial units when I need a truck.