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first workshop presentation just finished! (long)

updated mon 15 sep 03


BILL LEE on sun 14 sep 03

> Hi Clayart, This lurker has finally come out of the woodwork with
something to say.
Yesterday,9/13/03, I did my first official handbuilding workshop. The
Rockingham Potter's
Guild in Wentworth, North Carolina USA were the gracious hosts of this
event. On the
cosmic scale of things not too noteworthy, except to me and the dozen folks
attended. I was a bit nervous but still managed to do alot and share my
particular slant on handbuilding using earthenware slabs. The participants
were great, ask-
ing questions and paying close attention, even occasionally reminding me
what I was doing
when I diverged into some "wild goose chase" comment. Being asked to come
was really a
privilege since I am generally unknown except to customers on the art show
circuit. That
was how I was spotted to be invited, at a local to them craft show. Some of
you might
remember my work from the clayart room slide show at the NCECA in Charlotte,
I was the guy with left and right handed mugs. I also was lurking back by
the potted plant!
>Anyway, I was totally energized by the workshop, despite having only four
hours of sleep
the night before.(hotel horror story# 99). Hoping to do workshops, I've
been asking around
for advice----Vince, we spoke briefly on this subject at a TACA workshop, I
finally broke
the ice, and the water feels great!----- I want to give more workshops and
maybe cut down
on all the art fairs . Thanks for letting me bend your ears about this
personal milestone.
Got to go get ready for the next art fair. See you at St James Court !


Bill Lee
Knoxville, Tenn USA
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