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packing the wood burning kiln

updated sun 14 sep 03


Merrie Boerner on fri 12 sep 03

When you pack a wood burner, you picture flame as being waves of water.
You want it to flow up and down from front to back and side to side and up
and down across the kiln.
We stack tight. My flew exits are large and require shelves full of
pottery in front of them. Sweet spot. We stagger the shelves to force the
flame to go up and down. On each shelf, we put the tall item to the back
and a shorter item in front of it. Plenty of pottery gets packed in, but the
flame is still going up and down and flowing.
We like the effects on the pots stacked close. Each pot will have a
shadow of the one next to it.
It may be harder to get it up to temp with the kiln packed tight, but if
you are firing only 5 times a year, you want to get as many in as, we work harder.
One firing we stacked the bottom row very loose. Everything down there
was underfired and boring.

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