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: packing the kiln : a debate

updated sun 14 sep 03


iandol on fri 12 sep 03

Dear Lori Leary,

An interesting subject. To begin with, are you thinking in terms of =
single or double firing, that is firing glazed green ware or just taking =
glazed bisque to maturity? If it is the former then the 12 or more =
percent shrinkage will leave quite a space between pots by the time you =
are up to cone 4. If it is the latter then there has already been =
upwards of 8 or 10 % so the spaces which grow are smaller in proportion.

In some kilns it is prudent to allow pathways for flame. Another point =
which might be thought over is the venturi effect where two round pots =
almost touch each other. As gas passes through this gap velocity =
increases and pressure falls.

There is also thoughts that gas and air need space to mix before they =
burn or that radiation from the walls, floor and roof of a kiln =
contributes to the heating process.

Quite a complex problem to solve. Pity you can't have a transparent =
model with a transparent load and treat it as though it were a wind =
tunnel. Then you would be able to see the effects of varying packing =
configuration on the flow of gas through the model.

Have fun with your work!

Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia