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ot--brookdale community college--sobig

updated thu 11 sep 03


John Hesselberth on wed 10 sep 03

Sobig is still wreaking havoc and I'm writing this hoping I have
analyzed a problem correctly. If anyone on Clayart is from Brookdale
Community College, PLEASE check your Windows machine for Sobig--or
remove me from your address book.

What makes me suspicious? I am receiving 100+ returned email messages
per day, most of which were addressed to various people at Brookdale,
sayng "I" (I am being spoofed--Macs don't do Sobig) am
spreading/sending messages containing sobig. I conclude I must be in
someone's address book who also has a large number of people from
Brookdale in their address book. Hence, I conclude the owner of the
machine that is running wild is also from Brookdale. Since the vast
majority of my email correspondence is Clayart, I am hoping that person
is a member and will read this. Again, PLEASE check your machine or
take me out of your address book.