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depreciating equipment life

updated mon 8 sep 03


Louis Katz on sat 6 sep 03

Re how long to depreciate for:
While there is some advantage to averaging out big purchases with
depreciation there is also the advantage o getting cash early. The cash
Early I think is a better option. MOHO (my own humble opinion). Pay of
loans or invest it and you get interest benefit every year.

Our last electric kilns lasted almost 15 years, but they were used only
for bisques, We run many more bisques now, have many more students and
fire harder, starting with wetter work and drying it out in the kiln.
It lloks like they won't make 15.
Our Alpine kiln that we just replaced was given to us used in the late
70's or early 80's. It got a new burner system eight years ago. Our
Olsen gas kiln is getting long in the tooth. Salt air ain't helping.
Our Soldner mixer seems to be eating chains more frequently I put new
bearings in the idler arm about 5 years ago. The mixer is probably 20
years old.
Our Shimpos are circa 1980... they need work. The lasted in reasonable
condition until about 1998.