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teapot handles; sorry nancy

updated sun 7 sep 03


piedpotterhamelin@COMCAST.NET on sat 6 sep 03

You must NEVER admit on a discussion site that explores such topics as WAlmart
and underwear; snotty vs snooty; arrogance vs confidence; insurance policies;
crackers and grit and southern cuisine that you are a D.C. lawyer.
Quick, get back your email and call yourself a Capitol Barrister, or something
more confusing. Some folks here simply enjoy confusion.
You are now at risk of being bombarded with questions concerning copy
rights,contractual law, building codes, zoning, property and bop insurance and
who knows what else. Perhaps how to keep inquisitive non-buyers from coming
into your booth. I hope that no one else reads this and gets the idea of pro
bono advice.
A while back, someone discussed the link between potters and lawyers found in
an old Greek myth. Being it that we are share the bottom of the food chain, I
forgot it. Not really, if you didn't read it, I think that I saved the url and
can get it to you.
Now about your problem. Try out the archives at Pottery Making Illustrated
or Studio Potter Magazine at
You would treat the handles as you would basket materials, soaking it to bend
it. Hot water, even steam, "melts" the lignum and allows it to bend. When it
cools, this material sets like a glue within the fibers.
Good luck
Rick Hamelin