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consignment woes... warning !!

updated sun 7 sep 03


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on sat 6 sep 03

Stephen & all ....

I monitor several other artist discussion sites and a common theme running through
them lately is payment problems.

Times are tough right now in the USA Craft scene ... sales are slow and the
competition for available dollars is fierce. Galleries are not buying because consumers
are not spending on non-essentials. No one knows if Christmas will be a repeat of last
year so everyone is cautious.

Artists are hungry for sales. Galleries are running tight and close to the edge.

Unfortunately, this kind of feeding frenzy brings out the predators. People who
promise pre-pay ... then send a bad check.

People who promise to pay COD and send a post dated check with instructions to
hold for 30 days. People who promise net 30 and stretch it into never never land.

People who spend the money and don't have the slightest intention of paying. Sharks
smelling blood.

If you want to stay solvent, you better take care of yourself. Not all galleries are evil to
be sure ... but it is only human nature in though times to pay the squeaky wheels and let
the others slide. By not paying you, they get to spend your money until you start being the
extremely squeaky wheel.

There are thousands of pottery galleries in this country ... you don't need this one
particular place.

Don't let them live off your money until they finally go broke and you are left with
nothing. When the bank closes places, everything is theirs until proven otherwise.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - I have a critter flopping around inside the walls of
my second story room ... is it just going to croak there or is there some way of getting it
out short of tearing down the house?? No, I don't even want to think about how it got
there ...thank you very much.

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