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take ian currie's workshop

updated sat 6 sep 03


Toni Smith on fri 5 sep 03

Hi Clayart friends, just want to put in my 2 cents, and no Ian Currie is not giving me a discount for saying this. Today was the first day of his workshop at the art center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and you really use your brain. We had a group of potters from beginners who never mixed glazes, to full time potters, pottery teachers and many of us in between. His grid method is very interesting and he is very willing to answer questions and encourage the timid. Our sample tiles are being fired overnight, and we will see the results tomorrow. If you have the chance to take his workshop in Tennessee, or Denmark, or wherever else he may travel, you will be adding to your glaze info and have another method to work to your advantage. So contact Nan if you are in Tennessee area, or Alisa in Denmark to take a workshop with Ian Currie. Toni Smith in Ohio......oh, and now I have to go and do my HOMEWORK:)