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surfing with helen bates - central / south usa - sept 4th., 2003

updated sat 6 sep 03


Helen Bates on thu 4 sep 03

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Surfing with Helen Bates - Central / South USA - Sept 4th., 2003

Hi, this list and a few more that I will be sending soon have fairly
minimal descriptions, if any. Too many sites coming to my notice again!
;-) (Helen)

Dick McGee (Psycho Ceramic Pottery)- (Shelbyville, TN, USA)

McGee's "Raku for You" site has some interesting raku and horsehair pots
and a newsletter called "Out of the Fire" with some thoughtful pieces by
this former psycho therapist

Nancy Jacobsohn (Tennessee, USA)

I was going to send this link to the list in any case, but it is a great
find to discover that she is the mother of sculptor Beth Caverner Stichter!

Ryan Fitzer (Dallas, TX, USA)

Working in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain. Very fluid lines in
these functional vessels. (While an undergraduate, Fitzer completed an
apprenticeship with Robert Hasselle)

Donny L Hamilton (Anthropology Dept. Texas A&M ) (Pottery Conservation)
(Prof. Hamilton is the Head of the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas
Methods of Conserving Underwater Archaeological Material Culture from
Underwater Sites:

The Texas A&M Anthropology 605 course files can be found here:
(Conservation of Archaeological Resources I)

National Ceramic Invitational 2003 (U Texas, Tyler) (Tyler, TX, USA)

(Showcases pieces by some familiar artists, good to see again, and some
artists new to me)
Tre Arenz; Mary Baringer; Ron Boling; Malcolm Davis; John Glick; Chris
Gustin; Roy Hanscom; Jason Hess; Nick Joerling; Paul McCoy; J. Daniel
Murphy; John Neely; Jeff Oestreich; Sandy Simon; Toshiko Takaezu; Marie
Woo; (curated by Gary Hatcher) (Thanks to clayarter Brooke Fine for
this link)

Boone's Creek Potter's Gallery (Johnson City, TN, USA)

Lots of Potters' work here, mainly functional pieces (Note: no large
(Also, you might wish to disable as many toolbars as you can to see more
of the page)

Lisa Orr (Austin TX, USA)

Gorgeous is the word here. Vessels are almost baroque in their
(Lisa warns against cooking in the larger pieces, and against washing
them in the dishwasher.)

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