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oxidisation to look like reduction, .5% max sicarbide

updated fri 5 sep 03


Ted Whittemore on thu 4 sep 03

Typo maybe. 5% will boil the glaze right off the pot Try .5% max, better

Ted Whittemore

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Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 5:09 AM
Subject: oxidisation to look like reduction

Try experimenting with about 5% silicon carbide in a glaze. It will provide
a localised reduction and if there is any copper around you should get that
"sang de boeuf" pinky red. I personally think its pretty yucky, but each to
his own!
If you use too much you will get blisters and craters.
I wouldnt put combustable materials in my electric kiln, too mean/poor to
replace elements any more often than I have to.
Some of the sculpture students use newspaper to support their pieces and
then fail to remove it before firing, having seen what that does to the
elements over a period of time makes me very wary.

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